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World Chill Vol. 12

Derby (who inspired the "World Chill" series with World Chill Vol 1) is back with World Chill Vol 12-From Reggae to dance R&B Derby delivers a smooth, light and fresh volume that will add breathy, breezy and exotic melodies to your project or scene. Click to listen to a preview.

World Chill Vol. 1

World Chill Vol. 1 is a dynamic new volume that garners influences from many places, instruments and feelings. Soulful and sexy vocals harmonize over amazing backing tracks with modern and authentic sounds, giving an intriguing new shine to the term world music. With Latin and Mediterranean flair and lovely arrangements, World Chill Vol. is a diverse and fascinating set of tracks. Click to listen to a preview.

Mission Statement

Founded in 2005 by Derby; producer, arranger & composer. Derby Network Publishing is emerging as a growing independent music publisher. Derby recently collaborated with Barbara Morillo & Karen Larson releasing self-titled debut album Triptic Soul. Headquartered in New York City we have successfully placed many songs in film and television with a growing list of credits around the globe.

  • » Customized songs and bodies of work for presentations and promotional materials.
  • » Sound Design for film and television.
  • » Song and volume placement into partnering leading film and TV music libraries.
  • » Studio recording and production services

Derby Network Publishing is currently accepting original musical recordings for film and television sound library volumes. You must have 7-10 songs that are broadcast quality and they must all be consistent in style. If you are interested in finding out how to submit and be considered, please contact us by following our e-mail link.

Future Car
Discovery Channel

Several compositions from World Chill Volume 1 were featured on Discovery channel’s Future Car series.

Other Derby Network Publishing credits include:

  • Pantene
  • Clairol
  • National Geographic Channel
  • 2008 Summer Olympic Games
  • Oxygen Network
  • NBC
  • Crime Inc UK
  • Speed Channel